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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Cappadocia?

There are to much different activities which you can do in Cappadocia. Here you can go to Love Valley and participate in hot air balloon tour activities. Balloon tour in Cappadocia is a very romantic activity. Visit various valleys and enjoy romantic dinner at the restaurants in the valley. You can visit the museum, the natural area and the underground cities where you will see Cappadocia’s history. Cappadocia offers you plenty of beautiful scenery to take pictures.

What places should visit in Cappadocia?

Avanos, Ürgüp, Göreme, Üçhisar, Çavuşin and Ortahisar are the most famous places to visit in Cappadocia. Most of the valleys, fairy chimneys and historical monuments are located in these regions. Cappadocia region should also be visited due to open air museums, underground cities and some castles.

What should wear in Cappadocia?

Before answering this question, i want to tell that where actually it is located? Cappadocia is situated in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. The region has a hot and dry climate in the summer. In winter, the region is very cold and rainy. You can choose your clothes according to the season.

What should buy from Cappadocia?

During the trip to Cappadocia, you can buy notebooks, fridge ornaments, magnets and small gifts symbolizing fairy chimneys.

What Cappadocia is famous for?

Cappadocia is mostly famous for its fairy chimneys, historical buildings and underground cities. Valleys of Cappadocia are truly world-famous places. Every natural thing is found in popular valleys like Love Valley.

Is there an airport in Cappadocia?

Yes. If you are going to Cappadocia by plane, you can use Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport.

How Did Fairy Chimneys formed in Cappadocia?

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia have been formed by the rocks being eroded by wind and water for centuries. In short, the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia was formed from the rocks shaping by water and wind.

Why Cappadocia is Popular?

Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia are unique structures in the world. These structures are included in the cultural heritage list by UNESCO. In addition, there are many architectural structures belonging to different cultures so that’s why Cappadocia is so famous in the world

Where is Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is located in Nevşehir in the Central Anatolia region.

When should we go to Cappadocia?

The best time to go to Cappadocia is actually up to you. Because Cappadocia is a suitable place to go at any time of the year. However, we recommend you to visit here in spring and summer if you want to move around easily while visiting different structures.

When did Cappadocia formed?

The time period when Cappadocia was formed is not clear because Cappadocia is place built by nature completely. We cannot give an accurate answer to this question, but it can be said that the duration of the construction process is about 100,000 years.

When was Cappadocia Discovered?

Cappadocia is located in an area where Anatolia meets Mesopotamia. This area has been discovered by humans since ancient times and people used it to save themselves from outside attacks or transportation.

Why is Cappadocia Important?

Cappadocia is very valuable due to its unique structures. The region is also protected by international organizations. Cappadocia is also included in the UNESCO protection list.

Why should you go to Cappadocia?

There are many important and useful benefits to visiting Cappadocia. You can learn a lot about an Anatolian culture by visiting the region. The structures of different nations and religions in the region can take you on a historical journey. Finally, the natural structures of the region will give you clues about the historical development of nature.

Why Cappadocia became a World Heritage?

Since Cappadocia witnesses historical values that are important for the whole world, it should be protected as a world heritage site. Numerous natural and man-made regions are located in Cappadocia and it is very important for the world to protect them.

Why Balloon Tours Available in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia region has a unique view. Moreover, since the number of valleys in the region is quite high, it is very easy to see this area by making a balloon flight in Cappadocia. Therefore, those who want to see the Cappadocia as bird’s eye view usually prefer Cappadocia balloon tours. Even some special balloon tours are offered to propose for marriage.

How was Cappadocia Discovered?

Anatolia is an area where different tribes lived during their migration from region to region. There is a thinking that this region was discovered in this way and started to be used by people. People are supposing that Cappadocia is also have been noticed during this immigration.

How to go to Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is in Nevşehir. If you are going to Cappadocia from abroad, you can come to Istanbul first. Then you need to go to Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport from Istanbul by air. You can also use road to go to Cappadocia from istanbul.

How many days should I spend in Cappadocia?

We recommend you to spend 5 days to visit all the regions of Cappadocia in detail and to have a pleasant holiday with Cappadocia tours. In fact, it is possible to visit the region in one day with an intensive tour program. But if you want to have a different holiday experience, spending five days in Cappadocia can be a pleasure. If you want to make a short Cappadocia tour or don’t have time, you can explore the region with Cappadocia group tours.

How far is Cappadocia from Istanbul?

The distance between Istanbul and Cappadocia is about 700 km. If you want to go to Cappadocia by road, it will take about 7 hours. In addition, Nevşehir Cappadocia Airport is located in Nevşehir. You can go Cappadocia by plane, if you want. In this case, you will arrive Cappadocia within an hour.

Where should be accommodation in Cappadocia?

Cappadocia is also famous for its hotels. Especially there are cave hotels, mansions facilities in different concepts. There are also many motels where you can stay. You can stay near to center or a little bit for from center but more economical, if you are travelling in a group.

Which Places to be in Cappadocia Travel Guide?

There are too much places which you should not return back without seeing in Cappadocia tour. The name of several important areas can be listed as Göreme Open Air Museum, Love Valley, Stone Bridge, Wooden Bridge, Hair Museum, Devrent Valley, Zelve Open Air Museum, Sakli Konak, Uçhisar Castle and Seki Restaurant.

Where are Balloon Tours Held in Cappadocia?

Most of the balloon tours in Cappadocia are held in Devrent Valley and Love Valley. You can go to these areas and take a balloon tour.